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The world is increasingly about connection.  We use technology to improve our connections with the people and services we want to connect to, and whether the technology we use is a telephone, smartphone, or a computer, we need to be able to discover how, exactly, to contact the businesses we need to get in touch with for the services we need.  In addition, we need to know how to connect our businesses with the clients we want to secure for our business. gives both customers and entrepreneurs the tools they need in order to effectively connect to the networks of customers and businesses.

How MentionTribe came about was thought up and created by Bryan Orr and Joel Testerman, two Orlando-area business owners who needed improved ways of connecting to their clients and those connected with them online.  Orr and Testerman were able to come up with the idea for MentionTribe in 2011 with the simple belief that they could create offers and incentives easily for their customers by offering them easy access to the services they were looking for. 

"I created as a direct response to a need in my small service business for a web based referral program," said Bryan Orr.

These are two inspiring stories that describe the experiences people have had with

Joel needed to find a mechanic, fast, because his car had just broken down.  He was new to the area and so wasn't sure who a solid, reliable mechanic would be in this unknown town.  He'd already known that many online reviews were done by the companies themselves, so he wasn't prepared to just jump at the first online review he found.  He didn't know anyone who lived in the area, but he did know if she went to, he would be able to find a great offer for a reliable mechanic who would reward him if he shared how he felt about the service he got from the business.  In trusting the mechanic he saw on, Joel was able to save time and money in getting his vehicle fixed, and helped other people who lived in the town by telling them about how great the business was on

Meet Bryan:

Bryan owns a small service business and his customers really like it, but Bryan has a difficult time getting the word out about his business because it actually sounds pretty boring and dry.  Everyone told Bryan to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts for his business, but he was challenged because he couldn't find a way to make the business sound interesting even on paper

Bryan finally wondered what could happen if he created a web tool to help his business create interesting offers and rewards for his customers. Bryan created, and now he can create really great offers and share them with his customers by using Facebook, Twitter and email. He can also set up rewards so that when one of his happy customers gets a certain number of their friends to connect with Bryan's business, it will automatically remind him to send them a reward.

Bryan has now shared details of with other businesses. Now plumbers, insurance agents, lawn maintenance companies and all kinds of small businesses can sign up and join forces to help grow their business, one happy customer at a time.

Learning about how was begun through the work of Orr and Testerman is inspiring, and how they continue to work towards connecting customers and businesses continues to impress the social media world.   It's easy to determine how to hook into the best services possible; just visit in order to see what customers and businesses are talking about.  Both customers and businesses can get exactly what they are looking for and earn loyalty rewards in the process. 

It's possible to take part in the fastest growing business community; simply sign up today.  It will change the way you do business.

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