RemarkaMobile Announces Its Newest Affiliate Partner: Theodora Mays

January 13, 2014 – Theodora Mays is the newest affiliate for RemarkaMobile, an industry leader in mobile text (SMS) marketing, and will now be able to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the most powerful suite of Mobile Marketing and Internet marketing services available.

Theodora Mays has partnered with RemarkaMobile for the opportunity to promote RemarkaMobile’s revolutionary mobile marketing platform, which has helped countless small business owners and entrepreneurs maximize their earnings potential and increase engagement with their prospects, customers and team members.

By taking part in RemarkaMobile’s lucrative affiliate program, Theodora Mays will be part of a system that has an unbeatable 100% commission program.

"I'm so glad the guy texted me about checking out the RemarkaMobile website! I checked it out when I got thing lead to another... and today I'm happy, excited and on my road to financial success with this company that has included me as a part of their journey to the top!  I don't know it all, so it's rewarding to be associated with those who know more than I do because they know what I'm trying to get. I get the feeling that this is the company that's going to get me to my financial healing!"

·         Theodora Mays - San Francisco, CA 

"The mCommerce (Mobile) Revolution is now clearly underway. Since we have the most powerful Mobile Marketing platform in the world for small business owners and entrepreneurs (the same technology used by AT&T), and the most lucrative affiliate program in existence, we're attracting great people. Theodora Mays is our newest Affiliate Partner we are announcing to the public and we expect great things from her."

·         RemarkaMobile Co-Founder & President, Andrew J. Cass

RemarkaMobile is a direct sales company that specializes in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs increase ROI by building their "mobile customer list" through effective use of its SMS Text Marketing platform along with various other resources such as Apps and Mobile Ready websites. Cass says, “The Company is on a mission to give today’s entrepreneur a powerful ‘Multi-Media’ marketing edge and the tools to cash in on the Mobile Revolution.” And they are doing just that.

To find out how to cash in on the Mobile Revolution and get to $7,532 "per month" with less than 100 customers as a RemarkaMobile Affiliate Partner, watch The mCommerce Blueprint video presentation and get the free report by visiting:


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