Pairs Trading Software Pairtrade Finder Reaches 5,000 Downloads

Recently, Pairtrade Finder received it's 5,000th download of it's flagship trading software designed to help online traders all around the world to trade the popular hedge fund trading strategy, pairs trading.

"We're absolutely thrilled to have reached this milestone, ever since first developing our pairs trading software in 2008 we've continued to enhance it's functionality and ability for all traders small and large to be able to profitably trade a strategy once only reserved for large hedge funds" said Jared Mann, CEO and Founder of Pairtrade Finder.

Pairs trading is a trading strategy also known as statistical arbitrage, long/short trading, market neutral and spread trading. Instead of trying to predict the direction of the market or a certain stock, pair trading seeks to exploit the relationship between two highly correlated stocks from the same industry. When one stock is weak and another similar correlated stock is strong, the weak stock is bought and the strong stock is sold short thus creating a 'marketing neutral' exposure, and the positions are exited once the relationship between the two correlated stocks return to normal, and thus a profit is made.

Pairtrade Finder identifies highly correlated stock pairs and alerts the trader with real time trading signals via the software and email as to when there is an opportunity to put on a "pairs trade", and an exit signal is given when it's time to close the positions, roughly 10-20 days after being opened.

"It still surprises me how many online traders gravitate towards non-profitable trading systems like those that involve technical analysis, there's a whole industry that exploits new traders lack of knowledge with false strategies that have been proven to not work over the long term.

The fact is pair trading is the most common trading strategy used in large hedge funds for good reason, because you can profit regardless of marketing direction, whether it's a bull market, bear market or sideways market it doesn't matter to pair traders because we're trading the relationship between correlated stocks.

I think one of the reasons why we've been so successful is because we've made a once complex trading strategy easy to understand and execute in real time. Our 30 day free trial that can be installed in under 5 minutes allows everybody to take it for a test drive before they commit to purchasing, along with our plain english user manual and dedicated support desk we're always here to help growing traders learn this valuable trading strategy." continues Jared, an ex investment bank member of staff.

Jared said he expects Pairtrade Finder to reach 10,000 downloads by the year 2017 on the back of increased word of mouth mentions inside of trading communities, reviews in trading publications and a uptake in usage from professional traders, including small hedge funds, proprietary trading rooms and financial brokers alike. His long term vision is "to help 100,000 traders learn the pairs trading strategy".

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About Pairtrade Finder:

Pairtrade Finder is a downloadable windows trading software that allows anybody to input over one million instruments from around the world, including stocks, currencies, futures and options into the software to find pair trading opportunities. Features include back testing, real time buy, sell and exit signals along with numerous charting capabilities. They have a fully functional 30 day free trial.