Alpine Recovery Lodge Offers Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention Programs

Alpine Recovery Lodge, a renowned treatment facility in Utah, offers drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs. Patients who want to resist the temptations of relapse can work with the center for proper guidance and support.

[Alpine, Utah, May 30, 2014] – Alpine Recovery Lodge, one of the most successful and renowned rehab centers in Utah, offers drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs. Patients who fear they are nearing relapse, or those who want help in resisting the temptations associated with recovering addicts, can work with the center for proper guidance and support.

Life After Rehab

As with any drug and alcohol rehab program, the hardest part is always life after rehab. Participating in a treatment program is only half the battle, as recovering addicts know that once they step back into the real world, the temptations will be there waiting. This is where Alpine Recovery Lodge’s comprehensive treatment program comes in, as they also offer a relapse prevention program.

Drug and Alcohol Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is an important last step in any rehab program. Alpine Recovery Lodge understands that a high level of discipline and support is needed in order to stay substance-free for a long time and resist the temptations that come with being a recovering addict. These are the building blocks of their successful relapse prevention programs.

The Lodge works with trained and experienced counselors who understand that there are a variety of signs and temptations that can indicate a recovering addict is nearing relapse. Alpine Recovery Lodge’s high-quality relapse prevention programs will teach individuals how to recognize, identify, and make sense of these warning signs. The company will also provide the tools necessary to prevent a relapse.

Their exceptional programs work because the Lodge strives to incorporate the key elements to a solid relapse prevention curriculum: open-mindedness, willingness, and honesty.

Alpine Recovery Lodge’s relapse prevention program is largely successful because it adapts to the client and the whole program. Their counselors have the ability to teach patients the skills, discipline, and guidance needed to achieve a substance-free life.





About Alpine Recovery Lodge

Alpine Recovery Lodge is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center based in Alpine, Utah. This family-run treatment facility offers well-rounded programs for both individual and group therapies. The center is different from others because they believe that for a person to fully recover, a holistic approach is needed by treating the mind, body, and spirit, rather than just the addiction. The center provides a range of customized and comprehensive treatment programs using evidence-based treatment modalities.

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