Laid-Back Beach Living By Cottesloe Beach House Stays

Cottesloe Beach House Stays, a world class accommodation business, gives clients an escape from the city with laid-back, beachside accommodations. The company discusses the services they have available online.

[PERTH, JUNE 24, 2014] – Cottesloe Beach House Stays, a premier accommodation provider in Western Australia, offers a range of beach living experiences through a variety of executive villas and apartments located approximately 250 meters near the beach. The company offers relaxed living in various beach apartments that feature different bedroom and bathroom sizes, depending on the needs of the client.

Cottesloe Beach Apartments

According to Cottesloe Beach House Stays, one of their packages features a Cottesloe Beachfront Apartment that can accommodate four to five persons. These types of accommodations offer relaxing and stunning panoramic ocean views. With their accommodations featuring contemporary furnishing, the company understands how clients still value their executive lifestyle even when on holiday. So they include a reliable wireless Internet connection along with an LCD TV and an iPod dock.

Committed to offering world-class, full-service accommodations, the company discusses that their properties are adjacent to popular cafes and restaurants located in Marine Parade. They provide laundry facilities along with bed and bath linens, including beach towels and other necessities.

Strategic Property Locations

Apart from world class accommodations, Cottesloe Beach House Stays offers coastal properties, which are within walking distance of cafes, restaurants and shops. They explain that the nearby train can take clients to the charming city of Fremantle, the boutiques of Claremont and the sights of Perth City. They also highlight the stunning views of the Swan River and Perth city skyline with their riverside properties.

The company takes pride in catering to a large part of the tourism industry through beautiful stretches of beach and rivers in Western Australia. They provide modern beach living with up-to-date appliances and complete accommodation packages at a reasonable price range.


As an accredited Australian tourism business, Cottesloe Beach House Stays provides exceptional and well-presented short term accommodation packages. They offer top class service that offers a range of accommodation from luxury, executive houses to comfortable family stays in smaller villas and apartments. Apart from complete vacation services, they strategically set up their properties on beautiful beachside and riverside areas throughout Cottesloe and Perth. The company has been delivering excellent services since September 2004.

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