Top rated copy writing firm extends its ongoing 20% discount offer by another two months

New York City, NY 8th July, 2014 - one of the top rated copy writing firms in the market has confirmed that indeed it has extended its ongoing 20% discount offer by another two months in a move the provider says will help many of its customers take advantage of the price off in the coming days. has been offering a 20% discount on all its copywriting services and this has helped the firm attract a number of new customers. With the extension now official, the provider has welcomed any customer to take advantage of its while it lasts.

The extension of the 20% discount offer is expected to have a number of positive effects as far as is concerned. To start with, the top rate professional copywriter is looking forward to a massive rise in customer orders as many more new clients move with speed to take advantage of the discount. Secondly, is also confident that customer ratings will improve remarkably over a period of two to three months.

For many analysts though, the extension is indeed a very innovative move forward that is by all means ideal in helping cement its position as one of the best and most successful medical copywriter in the market. In addition to this, analysts in the sector have also remained optimistic that the discount will in many ways inspire a new paradigm in copywriting services that will steer the industry to a new phase of increased affordability in service delivery.

For years now has remained one of the very few online based copy editing services providers. Although the company has had to deal with a rampant rise in demand over the last few years, there is no doubt it has done well to ensure that each and every customer gets quality copywriting services in any field.

The extension of the ongoing 20% discount offer is a great show of the company's unwavering commitment to offer accessible services and even in the future, has categorically stated that it intends to maintain this progress or better it. Finding an affordable and reliable copywriting services provider is not easy but is here to make it happen. For details on the discount and the services offered by the firm please get in touch with its team today through today.

About is a leading copywriting service provider with a proven pedigree in the sector. The firm is regarded as one of the most experienced entities in the market and offers a wide range of services to its customers. For more details please feel free to visit

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