A new concept for CarConcept33

CarConcept33 is given a new lease of life – KROSS, the Berlin advertising agency, has developed a new corporate design for the vehicle procurement company from DEHOGA, the German Hotel and Restaurant Association. Its brand has also been enhanced as part of the KROSS brand management service.

The German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA for short) is one of the largest trade associations in Germany. It represents over 70,000 businesses with around 1.8 million employees throughout the country. As well as being as an important interest group, its sheer size makes its members an enticing target audience for organisations selling a variety of products, including cars. CarConcept33 harnesses this situation to offer member businesses and their employees package deals for buying and leasing vehicles, ranging from compact cars and vans to luxury motors. The company focuses on making transactions as simple and speedy as they can while providing the excellent offers made possible by their special purchasing position.

CarConcept33 turned to the employees of KROSS – the advertising agency from Kreuzberg, Berlin – to help them accelerate future car sales. As ever, the communication experts began by carrying out a rigorous analysis of all previous promotional strategies and taking an in-depth look at the target audience. In brief, the chosen brand positioning indicates that CarConcept33’s low prices and convenient transaction processes lead to a “feeling of maximum happiness” when purchasing a vehicle. After creative interpretation, this resulted in a new brand presentation that promises customers a “Yippee Guarantee” when buying a car. The advantages of using CarConcept33 are laid out beneath this headline, which is aptly accompanied by images of people cheering in delight. KROSS also fine-tuned the company’s corporate design. The outcome is a fresher, more modern brand presentation that avoids being fleetingly fashionable and uses the slogan “Low-Cost Cars for the Hospitality Industry” to get to the heart of what CarConcept33 has to offer. The motif of celebrating clients attracts attention, creates a high level of brand recognition, and is at once unique and decidedly distinctive.

The brand’s online presence at stood at the centre of the project. This URL now showcases the company’s offering in a clean, attractive, clearly structured way. To increase brand awareness, the communication experts at KROSS proposed numerous channels of communication. According to Tilo Arnswald, the company co-director responsible for brand management, “the publications that DEHOGA produces for its members naturally play an important role, but so do other resources, including direct mail marketing, search engine optimization, keyword advertising, social media campaigns, and banner promotions on the relevant industry portals”. Flyers, office equipment, vehicle graphics, corporate brochures, adverts, trade fair stands, and roll-up banners were also all “relaunched” as part of a more traditional print strategy.