Meet SkyLaw; Futuristic Band with An Unforgettable Sound

Los Angeles, CA - In an industry where innovation has become a survival tactic, SkyLaw is emerging with a futuristic style and one of a kind sound. Led by married lead vocalists Layne and Reve Kalell, the band's line up also consists of Nema Sobhani (Guitar) and Erik Martin (Drums, Piano). Self-sufficient and eager to make some noise, you can feel their genuine energy in each song.

Fueled by the passion of four very talented musicians, SkyLaw represents a wide variety of genres. With a foundation of lyrical hip-hop and electro-pop, the band comes together to deliver an unforgettable experience of sound. With a mission to take the best elements of every style of music to form a fusion of universally appealing messages, their goal is to uplift and inspire. Through activism and community outreach, SkyLaw strives to make a position change in the world.

As they prep for the release of their debut EP, a "Light-Up" fashion line and several fun-fueled events, the band will soon release the first of 3 singles scheduled this summer. "Into the Light" welcomes you into the SkyLaw Evolution.