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You always hear how recruiters can’t find the right candidates, or candidates at all for that matter. They blame it on a plethora of causes from poor candidate quality to a changing workforce. But that is the problem: you can’t blame it on the candidates. With a changing candidate pool, recruiters have to adapt to trending techniques. The game of recruiting has changed, and you need to catch up with the increase in candidate mobility and the idea that you shouldn’t sell to the candidate… let them sell to you.

1. You aren’t using Zero Fee Recruiter

ZFR provides you with qualified candidates not just resumes. They provide you with qualified professionals that have been contacted and vetted for each position you are looking to fill.  They deliver only interested candidates that are available in your location and have agreed to your salary range. Let the ZFR team take the pain out of hiring.

2. Your URL does say a lot about you.

Your career page URL might make sense to you, but if you’re not seeing the candidates you want – or candidates at all – something is up. Even social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter give users the ability to change the URL to a vanity URL. Only 33% of recruiters have a vanity URL, and that doesn’t help out the career page they sponsor.

3. Social activity, shmocial activity…

You can’t run from social media, and you certainly can’t hide. Millennials are an inevitable addition to the workforce. They are no strangers to smartphones and other tech devices because they grew up in the era of technology. So, it stands to reason that 50% of the generation surfs the internet from their smart device more often than they use their computer for internet usage. They spend a (not so) surprising 14.5 hours per week texting, talking, and accessing social media from their phones. So what has your recruitment team done to increase social activity? If the answer is anything less than at least posting regularly, you’re not socially recruiting right.

4. Even if you recruit socially, you’re doing it wrong.

Due to the growth in the Millennial workforce, it’s increasingly important to not just have social media accounts, but to actually use them to the fullest. You can’t simply announce your job openings; it is actually necessary to market them to a specific group of people just as you would a product.

What seems like a simple equation only results in an accurate solution if it is placed in the right situation. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in poor social recruiting habits. Even Fortune 500 companies missed the social opportunity; although 85% of them permit sharing jobs through email only a few offer the same capabilities socially.

5. Sell, sell, sell… It’s the candidate’s job, not yours.

It has long been expected that recruiters have to decide on their own that they want a particular candidate. In what way does the candidate have participation in the recruitment process then? After all, they are looking for new job opportunities… Recruiters who are persuaded by candidates listen 4 times more than they talk. They gather more candidate information with this method of interviewing, and therefore, make better assessments of potential new hires.

The Answer;

We help you find great talent.

Zero Fee Recruiter is a new and better way to recruit.

We provide you with qualified professionals that we have contacted and vetted for each position you are looking to fill. We deliver only interested candidates that are available in your location and your salary range.

We Source – We Contact – We Qualify – We Deliver – You Hire, It’s That Easy…

ZFR focuses on passive candidates that we source through our proprietary system "Reach Out" and this enables our team to reach the candidates that are not actively looking...

Yes, Our Team Is USA Based!

There really is a better way!