Recently Study On Oral Proteins Market Research Report 2014 to 2021

The Oral Proteins Market Research Report provides Industry analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective Market Size, Share, Trend and Growth during the study period (2014–2021).

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Oral proteins are delivery of active proteins through oral route. The therapeutically active proteins have been administered to the human body through intravenous or subcutaneous routes for treating diseases like diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, hemophilia, anemia etc. However, these administrative method results into patient’s inconvenience due to frequent injections, repetitive therapies, increased cost involved by healthcare professional and maintaining hygienic conditions. The oral delivery route of these macromolecules is long being researched as it has high levels of patient acceptance and convenience.

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This report examines the global oral proteins market and provides information regarding the revenue (USD Million) and volume (Kilo Tons) for the period 2014 to 2021. It further elaborates the market drivers which contribute to the growth. It then describes the restraints that are faced by the market. The market is classified into various segments with deep analysis of each segment for the study period.
A. Porter’s five forces model has been used to depict the impact of various factors such as :

- Degree of competition
- Bargaining power of suppliers
- Threat of substitutes
- Bargaining power of buyers
- Threat of new entrants during the forecast period
Market attractiveness analysis has been included in order to analyze the application segments that are estimated to be lucrative during the forecast period on the basis of their market size and growth rate. Attractiveness of the market has been derived from market size, profit margin, growth rate, availability of raw materials, competition, and other factors such as social and legal constraints.

B. Major player assessed in the report is :
- Abbott Laboratories
- Biocon
- Johnson & Johnson
- Novartis AG
- Pfizer, Inc.
- Roche, Inc.
- Sanofi-Aventis LLC
- ZydusCadilla Healthcare
- More

In terms of geography, the oral proteins market has been segmented into regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The study provides a detailed view of country-level aspects of the market on the basis of application segments and estimates the market in terms of revenue and volume during the forecast period.

1. Oral Proteins By Drugs :

- Linaclotide
- IN-105 (Inslulin)
- Ostora
- Octreolin
- Plecantide
- Others
2. Oral Proteins By Formulations Technology :

- Gastrointestinal Permeation Enhancement Technology (GIPET)
- Eligen
- Oral Antibody Platform
- Multi-Matrix Systems (MMX)
- Others
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