Free Online Service NEXT STAR NOW Showcases Musical Talents to the World

LOS ANGELES (March 25, 2014) – Stardom is as easy as Next Star Now according to Olivia Kay, the 10-year old singing phenom who belted out a stellar cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” on ABC’s popular talk show “The View” on Monday, March 24, 2014.

The completely free online service NEXT STAR NOW ( assists aspiring musical artists across all genres with the opportunity to visibly display their abilities for the world to see. This breakthrough solution for musicians builds a bridge connecting songwriters, labels, producers, engineers, managers, publishers and an array of other industry professionals.

Next Star Now connected Olivia Kay with the right videographer and producer to create her first music video, which quickly went viral garnering over 600,000 views. In addition, Next Star Now coordinated a meeting for the young Oklahoma City native with decision makers at ABC Disney and got her set-up to record her first single in Nashville.

Kay is just one of the success stories that Next Star Now has uncovered and perfectly exemplifies their company’s motto: “You can’t be discovered if you can’t be found.”

Not only does Next Star Now showcase aspiring talent, the free service also takes an active role in promoting them. Company co-founder Callie Cameron conducts interviews with members from national music festivals and events, as well as a hosts a featured ‘Artist of the Week’ segment. The site also distributes members work through its Next Star Now social media channels, directly helping to increase their online presence.

In addition, Next Star Now brings artist promotion straight to the fans. Assisting on both the local scene and nationally at music festivals across America, fans are offered free online membership, opportunities to listen to the newest music, numerous chances to win festival and event tickets, and latest breaking industry news.

In less than a year, Next Star Now has become a genuine and proven resource providing tremendous marketing potential for talented musicians and their fans. The service 100% free to all who join.

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