Red Carpet Provider Shares Event Planning Tips And Info On Their Online Blog

The company that provides red carpet runners for events like weddings, corporate parties and society galas, has started a new feature, sharing tips event planners have learned over years of helping to organize gala events through their online blog. 

Some of their recent tips have included lining a wedding red carpet with plants and trees to make it prettier and more elegant, embracing winter for your next party with cool lavender and cool hues and snow flake-shaped decorations, dressing up a wedding aisle carpet with candles along the sides to give it a romantic feel, and Getting away from "red" for a red carpet runner and opting for something totally different, like pink, green or aqua.

Says Event Rugs CEO, Joe Kleczynski, "a quality carpet runner is just one aspect of an elegant wedding, party or event. We want our clients to use all of the party planning tips and tricks we've learned over the years, whether they are on the east coast or across the globe."

About Event Rugs

New Jersey-based Event Rugs has been providing those iconic red carpets for celebrities, movie premiers, fund raisers and other gala events since 2000. The company also supplies red carpets for individuals and companies who want their own event to have the real feel of a Hollywood awards show. Event Rugs offers "red" carpets in 15 colors ranging from traditional to modern, in sizes from 3 to 9-feet wide and up to 100-foot in length. They will even put a family crest or company logo on the rug.

For more information, contact the company at 866-310-3144 and/or visit the company's website, Facebook page, Twitter feed or blog.