Richard Hackerman Represents Thousands of Bankruptcy Cases in Baltimore

Going through money problems can mean extreme stress for both you and your family. Dealing with these problems can seem like an impossible task. Richard Hackerman, an accomplished Baltimore bankruptcy attorney can help you through these tough times and give you the tools you need to get back on your feet. He is a well-known attorney who has helped hundreds of people from all different walks of life to achieve financial freedom while working to rebuild their credit. He has been trained in both law and economics and knows exactly what it takes to turn your finances around. Let someone with 25 years of experience in bankruptcy and tax law help you. So call Richard Hackerman for financial advice today.

Schedule a free consultation if only to determine where to start. After speaking with him briefly on your financial crisis, you will feel at ease with the calculated, organized financial plan that he is ready to supply. Richard Hackerman is an experienced, well-trained lawyer willing to do what it takes to get you financially stable once again.

About Richard Hackerman
Mr. Hackerman grew up in Baltimore, so he knows the needs of the people in his city. He studied economics before receiving his law degree. He then received a Masters’ Degree in Taxation from the University of Baltimore. There is no other lawyer in the city who has undergone as much training and has experienced as many first hand cases as Richard Hackerman. He understands every side of the law from both the law perspective as well as that of an economic standpoint. He has represented clients of various backgrounds in cases from sexual harassment to real estate, to bankruptcy. He has seen absolutely everything the court can offer and has helped thousands to recover from whatever personal losses they were experiencing. For a trusted, highly trained Baltimore bankruptcy attorney, give Richard Hackerman a call today.

Although Richard Hackerman is more widely known for being an incredible Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, he is also very well versed in several other areas of the law. He has taken and will continue to take in cases on automobile accident, workers compensation, and even employment issues in general. He has worked with several clients to get out of uncomfortable work situations and has the representation and experience to back up these cases in the future. He has the knowledge and expertise to represent cases involving drunk driving, speeding, rear end collisions, and rollover accidents. Winters can be especially difficult in Baltimore and The District of Columbia. Auto accidents happen a lot of times and Richard Hackerman is qualified to represent your case in such a situation.

As far as work related accidents go, Richard Hackerman has represented a number of cases relating to employment. What most people don’t initially realize when considering filing a case against an employer is just exactly how much damage has been done. Whether you were injured at work or mistreated, the damage often extends beyond medical bills. Sometimes there are cases to be made for personal injuries, lost wages and even psychiatric care. Don’t let a bad experience at work stop you from getting the support that you deserve. Richard Hackerman has been practicing law to serve justice to the people of Baltimore and that is exactly what you will receive right from the initial free consultation.

If you have ever considered taxes to be one of the more significant reasons why you can’t pull yourself out of debt, Richard Hackerman may be able to help you. When filing for bankruptcy, most people don’t know that some taxes can be discharged. With the immense experience that he has gained over the last 25 years, he has fought a number of times for taxes to be discharged for his clients. This is just another relief on top of the many other breaks being fought for on your behalf when you choose Richard Hackerman as your Baltimore bankruptcy attorney to represent you throughout the process.

Richard Hackerman has been gaining experience in several areas of the law for the last 25 years. He has been practicing law on several different levels of the court and has represented thousands of clients who were satisfied with the job that he did for them. If you are in serious debt and looking for a Baltimore bankruptcy lawyer, call Mr. Hackerman for a consultation today.