Mainpac Mobility Improves Asset Reliability and Productivity

[Sydney, April 29, 2014] –Mainpac, a premier asset management firm, extends the value of their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system through Mainpac Mobility. The optional module allows field staff with tablet computers to make better in-field decisions. It also improves productivity and increases asset reliability.


Data management and synchronisation becomes easier with Mainpac Mobility, as it updates inspections, rounds and work orders even when tablets are offline. The company explains that the module synchronises with the EAM once the equipment are back online. According to Mainpac, monitoring assets becomes more convenient, as field staff can take note of the condition of their company’s assets using the tablet camera. Furthermore, they can conveniently enter work request from the field.


With Mainpac Mobility, field staff can identify assets with barcodes and find work order locations easily through the module’s GPS coordinates on site plans, road and aerial maps and factory diagrams. In addition, companies can streamline and customise content according to different user levels or roles, making it easier for staff to navigate the system.



According to Mainpac, the optional module limits downtime and decreases outages. Through accurate collection of data, companies can determine asset conditions easily, giving them the chance to identify problems early and allow better predictive analysis. Mainpac Mobility improves root cause analysis, as engineers have access to previous inspections and work orders.


Mainpac notes that the module decreases duplication and data errors, as it allows staff to enter data directly into the system. The feature also eliminates the need for printing and paperwork distribution. Additionally, Mainpac mobility decreases ‘wait time’, as field staff have immediate access to instructions and relevant pieces of information. They do not have to wait for instructions from office personnel or spend time looking into in-office maintenance history.


With comprehensive and accurate data collection, Mainpac Mobility allows businesses to develop effective strategies for continuous process improvement. The module also aids companies in creating compelling business cases for different purposes, such as funding approvals. 


About Mainpac

Mainpac delivers asset management solutions to clients in more than 24 countries across the globe. For more than 28 years, the company has helped businesses in different industries, including manufacturing, mining and utilities; optimising maintenance investments and improve asset performance. Apart from EAM, Mainpac also offers project management, consultations and post-sale support services.

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