Tim Davies Landscaping Stresses the Importance of Lighting in Design

[Perth, March 6, 2014] - Tim Davies Landscaping highlights the importance of proper use of lights in landscaping and architectural design projects. They refer to lighting as a final piece of the puzzle that adds visual and functional benefits to the outdoor space. Lighting is one of the many aspects that the company brings to the design desk, and they utilise all the tools available to them to turn each client’s vision of a garden into reality.

Playing with Light and Shadow

Tim Davies Landscaping aims to create outdoor areas that are beautiful and functional both day and night. The company takes extra care in planning where and what kind of lights to use to make the space aesthetically appealing at different times of the day.

The company uses lighting to create a sense of atmosphere for the garden that is viewable from within the house. They also  enhance the interaction on both indoor and outdoor spaces by producing designs that encourage an increased perception of space. Tim Davies Landscaping believes this to be a great way of elevating the garden's entertaining potential from day to night.

Strategising Light Placement and Product

Landscape architects meet clients on-site or in the company’s design studio to discuss and create a landscape brief. The brief includes design advice and ideas on certain areas of the garden such as the landscape, plant selection, structures, and lighting.

During the consultation, Tim Davies Landscaping lists the most important aspects for the lighting design. The proper lights add depth to the garden, provide function and mood to entertaining areas, incorporate guidance to pathways and access points, and highlight the garden focal points such as pools and fountains.

The company’s design and construction teams use only high quality lighting fixtures and fittings for all of their projects, and present their preferred choices to clients during cosnultations and subsequent meetings.

The company creates environmental dynamics that account for entertaining guests, regardless of whether it’s noon or midnight. Tim Davies Landscaping builds outdoor spaces that can stand on their own while complementing the house or building, giving their clients a complete outdoor experience.

About Tim Davies Landscaping

Tim Davies Landscaping is an architectural landscaping and design firm with over thirty years of experience in the industry. They mainly provide landscaping and architectural design services in the Perth CBD, but also manage projects in Port Hedland, Newman, Karratha, and Exmouth. The company has the resources and ability to undertake projects, regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

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