Missed out on Dogecoin? Well, Nyan! Nyancoin is Here

08 January, 2014: If you were among the ones who missed out on Dogecoin launch, there is another coin launching soon with an even cooler charisma than the DOGE. Nyan! Yes, Nyancoin is coming. 

Nyan is a cpu miner friendly coin. If you haven’t mined just because you don’t have those expensive GPUs set up, that's about to change because this time, it is Nyan! In a recent announcement on bitcointalk, the Nyancoin community announced its specs and the link to a countdown timer for Nyancoin. 

Nyancoin will be a scrypt coin which means no ASIC elites! ASICs have taken over almost all mining for SHA256 coins such as Bitcoin. An ASIC miner for scrypt is still far away, so Nyan is safe. There will be a total of 10,010,010 blocks and 337,337,337 total coins. You think this is funny? Well, you know. Nyan! 

The block time has been set to be 30 seconds and there have to be 6 transaction confirmations. 

You might ask how can it be CPU friendly when it is scrypt based? Nyan! The Nyan team found a way to give everyone a fair chance to get coins. This isn’t just any random coin. Anyone mining with a low cpu type will gain some extra coins from the premine. What say? NYAN! 

There is currently a pre signup going on for this mining pool and we have heard that the pre-signup list has already hit 800+ How is this even possible? It is! You ask why? Because NYAN! 

There will also be a 37 million nyancoins premine which will be used for paying cpu miners as well as prizes to those who build services and support for the coin over 6 months – one year time. All the details of expenditure from premine will be shared publicly on a special website. The crypto world is awesome because Nyan!