Shooting the Sky at Night in All Its Glory Is Now a Reality for Amateur Photographers

Photographing the Night Sky

Wilsonville, OR -- 06/05/2014 -- While a majority of outdoor photographers are seen to pack up their shooting gear as dusk starts creeping in, there is a handful that gets ready to capture the night sky through their lenses at this hour. These are photographers whom stars and astronomy fascinate and who find orbits and planets interesting subjects for taking pictures. The group also includes photographers who like to click photos of muted, diffused and less noticeable things in the sky in hours of darkness. In short, the night sky magnetizes this lot and photographing it is a passion for them.

Michelle Gordon, a San Francisco based ad film maker has a special draw for the night sky. She says, “My digital SLR is my companion on days when I feel like doing something different. I like capturing images of the night sky, especially when the sky is clear and I can get a vivid view of the stars and the galaxy”. She adds, “The night sky is such an interesting panorama for camera work…it’s easy to get hooked to it once you begin”.

Interestingly, most night photographers opine that contrary to the difficulties that it implies, high-quality, wide-angled pictures of the sky at night can be clicked by photographers of all expertise by using single-lens (reflex 35mm) digital or regular cameras. There’s a name that describes this passion - Astrophotography. And tips and tricks to capture the sky in its nighttime glory are there in abundance in the photographers’ world. It’s actually just a matter of starting at it to go deeper into the niche.

The best in night sky photographs are seen to hold an ingredient of horizon and/or a fixed spot in the sky for creating a feel of space and movement in the photo. Also, the moon has a great impact on photographic efforts that are indulged in at the nighttime. The lights of the stars again have interesting variations for images to capture. Right equipments that are not necessarily expensive can make this achievable like a SLR camera, a shutter-release cable, sensors, lenses with video-capture capacity, optics and not to mention, a tripod. A little of expert guidance added to this can make ordinary people also photograph the amazing shadowy veneer of the universe in dramatic ways.

About digital photography
To know more about photographing the night sky, refer to the recent advancements and inventions in digital photography. The golden era of photography is right here and it asserts that the night sky can be brilliantly photographed by amateur photographers too.


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