Fruits about black desert games

 Black Desert Silver  are mostly obtained from farming/gardening and is required for making the Magic Crystals 

and various Oils. Specific crops yields specific fruits.Fruits are most commonly obtained when you 

breed the crops (F1) instead of harvesting them. If you are unsure of how farming works, check out 

this guide.

Crops marked with * symbol takes up 2 spaces and might not be as ideal as they don’t seem to give 

higher chances of getting seeds. Additionally, higher quality crops (i.e. High Quality or Top 

Quality) seems to give a higher chance for seeds when breeding.

Icon Fruit Crop

bdo-fruit-of-abundance Fruit of Abundance Grape*, Onion, Sunflower, Strawberry

bdo-fruit-of-crimson-flame Fruit of Crimson Flame Garlic, Hot Pepper*, Olive*, Pepper, 


bdo-fruit-of-destruction Fruit of Destruction Dwarf Mushroom, Sky Mushroom

bdo-fruit-of-enchantment Fruit of Enchantment Dry Mane Grass, Fire Flake Flower, Silk 

Honey Grass, Silver Azalea, Sunrise Herb

bdo-fruit-of-magic-power Fruit of Magic Power Emperor Mushroom, Hump Mushroom

bdo-fruit-of-nature Fruit of Nature Barley, Carrot, Seed Potato, Sweet Potato

bdo-fruit-of-perfection Fruit of Perfection Arrow Mushroom, Cloud Mushroom, Fog Mushroom

bdo-fruit-of-the-sun Fruit of the Sun Corn*, Tomato*, Paprika*, Wheat

If you don’t have farms/garden setup or can’t get the fruits you want, you can also get them via 

two dailies in Olvia (requires Alchemy Apprentice 8+ to unlock). Additionally,  you can get Fruits 

randomly from gathering Wild Herbs, Plants, and Lumbering Trees but those drops are rare and