Edge Pest Control Provides Bed Bug Control Services

Edge Pest Control, a trusted pest control service provider in the United States, offers bed bug control solutions. The company discusses their control services on their website.

[DENVER, JUNE 6, 2014] – Edge Pest Control, a leading pest control service provider based in the United States, keeps clients safe against parasitic bed bugs. They offer residential and commercial bed bug control solutions to eliminate these kinds of pests.

Avoiding Health Risks

Bed bugs do not spread disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The bug bites, however, can cause minor to severe discomfort, says Edge Pest Control. They discuss that clients may experience loss of sleep, itching, and allergies if their beds are infested with pests. This may lead to skin infections caused by excessive scratching of bite marks.

A bed bug bite may affect each person differently, according to the company. To avoid allergies and other skin infections, Edge Pest Control is always ready to attend to the needs of their clients. With a single call, their team of pest specialists can perform a thorough inspection to determine where the bugs are hiding. They use quality and safe tools and procedures to treat infested areas.

Bed Bugs DIscussion

Edge Pest Control notes that parasites feed on human blood for survival and reproduction. An individual could be at risk of acquiring skin rashes or developing allergies when bitten by bed bugs. They note that bed bugs can spread quickly, infesting the whole room.

The company explains that bed bugs usually attack during the night, and hide when the sun is up. Bed bugs hide in places, such as the seams of mattresses, bed frames and headboards. The company also identifies the inside cracks or crevices, and box springs and dresser tables as hiding places of the bugs.



Since 2008, Edge Pest Control has been a trusted pest control service provider in the United States. They provide clients with residential and commercial pest control services through a talented and highly skilled team of specialists. The company strives to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients by producing the ultimate packages for pest control. Dedicated to excellence, they have expanded their business by opening offices in Austin, Texas, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City in Utah.

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