Art Break in the Afternoon Lecture Series kicks off in Highland Beach, FL


Highland Beach, Fl-

Art Historian Dr. Barbara Falletta is an artist and author who holds five degrees, three in higher education and one in art history. Please join her for this exciting lecture and slide series. Dr. Falletta will cover The Crown Jewels of Great Britain, Alexander Calder, Christo, and the Treasures of the Ottoman Empire!

What: Art Break in the Afternoon Lecture and slide series

Where: Highland Beach Library, 3618 S. Ocean Blvd. Highland Beach, Fl 33487

When: January 14, 2014-April 8, 2014

Cost: A tax-deductible donation for the entire series is $85 or each individually is $25.

For more details visit: (events) or call 561-826-7119 or 561-392-4796