Nike Free 3.0 FLYKNIT

Flexibility and natural are the key components to Nike's newest shoe. Made up of one-piece with layers entirelt out of poluester yarn-seamless. The lower the number in free runs means the lower to the ground the shoe is. Making the Flkynit a 3.0. This is allowing you to move more freely. 

The new compressive collar design hugs the ankle for support and is the first shoe to have this feature in Nike history. The shoe is intended to give the most comfort, flexibility, and natural feeling possible. The heel of the shoe mimics your foot allowing for a more natural footstrike. The weave of the shoe is made up of hexagonal flex grooves that flow with the foot. 

The inspriation of this shoe was inspired by feedback from runners seeking a shoe that us unnoticed, snug, and has the fit of a sock. This four year mission with team of programmers has finally paid off. The shoe is available and can be found anywhere Nike shoes are sold and are sold online.