Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery to host CPE Event and Open House on June 17th.

Woodbury, NY - May 20, 2015: Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery are pleased to announce that the 5th Annual Open House and Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE) Event will be held on Wednesday June 17, 2015 at the Continuity Centers home office at 1000 Woodbury Rd., Suite 106 in Woodbury, NY.

In an age where organizations must minimize the effects of downtime caused by Mother Nature, human error and cybersecurity attacks, companies not prepared for disruptions are vulnerable on many fronts. Depending on the severity of the incident, businesses may never reopen their offices if the event destroys their offices and critical assets required to function. 

The event will show participants how they can take the first step to preparing themselves for any type of disaster. Just an hour at the open house will help organizations gain insight into developing business continuity and disaster recovery protocols, saving themselves months of research if they were to approach these procedures on their own.

Continuity Centers and Agility Recovery will have business continuity experts on hand who are happy to answer any questions attendees may have regarding preparation and responses for dealing with disasters.

Participants will also receive hands-on experience of what it is like to encounter disruptions through a disaster simulation. In cases where businesses are unable to access their offices, Continuity Centers offers Mobile Recovery Units that are available during these disruptions, helping companies maintain productivity. Those in attendance will tour these MRUs and our Workgroup Facilities to learn what it’s like to receive support from our team and these solutions.

Attendees also have a chance to receive five free Workgroup Recovery Seats from Continuity Centers, with more details being shared at the event.

The CPE Long Island event will be held between 8AM to 10AM, with the Open House running from 10AM to 4PM. Space is limited. Register today at

At Continuity Centers, we’ve been mastering both the art and science of recovery for over 15 years. As veterans in the field, we have significant expertise and advantages when it comes to perfecting continuity solutions for any and every vertical out there. For us, business continuity and disaster recovery are not an afterthought - it’s the main event. Learn more about our complete approach to recovery and discover how we can help you develop a winning strategy tailor-made for your specific business needs.