Maria Shriver • Mr. Malibu • Laird Hamilton Peace Paddle Out

(MALIBU, CA)  Mr. Malibu and Maria Shriver appear on international television

Warner Bros' EXTRA where she says with a beautiful smile "Anything that has to

do with peace is terrific!"  Peace runs in the family as Maria's father Sargent

Shriver was the driving force behind the creation of the United States Peace Corps

in 1961 by Executive Order 10924 issued by then President John F. Kennedy,  

Maria's uncle.  Maria's show "Shriver Reports" airs on NBC.


Mr. Malibu asks Laird Hamilton about the San Onofre nuclear power plant in

California, in light of what happened in Japan at Fukushima.  Since that conversation

aired, the plant has been shut down and many people in Malibu perceive that

conversation to be a major impetus behind the subsequent concerns and closure. 

Millions of people are also concerned about the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

also on the California Coast.


Laird Hamilton is a world famous big wave surfer and an original inventor of tow-in

surfing.  Mr. Malibu is a global celebrity reflecting the world famous Malibu lifestyle

associated with the entertainment industry, luxury in all forms, "green" consciousness,

and "ground zero" for many global fashion statements.  He converses with many movie,

TV, and rock stars, as well as billionaires, famous authors and artists.