Outsource Your Marketing Technology Management

Sales & marketing has become one of the most tech-dependent departments in many organizations large and small. It is critical that marketers and sales people can leverage technology tools and services to research, monitor, measure, message, and engage. However, there aren't always IT resources or tech-savvy staffers available to help make the department as effective as it could be. That’s why the day of the marketing technologist has arrived.

A 2014 post on the Harvard Business Review website defines the chief marketing technologist as one who is responsible for “aligning marketing technology with business goals, serving as a liaison to IT, and evaluating and choosing technology providers. About half are charged with helping craft new digital business models as well.” Maybe your company isn't ready to invest in a chief marketing technologist, but that doesn't mean you have to sit on the sidelines waiting for an IT resource to become available.

Outsourcing the marketing technologist job

Jackson Marketing Services now offers marketing technology management for organizations that only need help with the technology-related aspects of their marketing efforts. 

Areas of marketing technology management service include:

  • Marketing automation management (your platform of choice or join our marketing automation platform for as little as $275 per month based scope)
  • Vendor/solution research and recommendations
  • Online lead management methodology planning
  • Platform setup and management for email, social media, CRM, Google Analytics, Google AdWords/other PPC, survey tools, and more.
  • Other areas of sales & marketing technology consulting
Contact us to review your sales and marketing goals, and together we will come up with the right marketing technology management plan to help you succeed.