5 Tips for Buying High Quality Kitchen-Cabinetry

Online cabinet sellers are able to charge a percentage of the price of a full suite of cabinets due to the fact that the units are ready to assemble. This makes ordering and installing cabinets quick and easy.  Online kitchen cabinets can change the whole look of your kitchen, but don’t be intimidated by the task. Simply follow these 5 tips:

Tip One -- Planning Stage

  • A customer should be familiar with the types of cabinets that are used to outfit an entire kitchen. For example, base cabinets are the main support system for the counter space of the room.
  • Measure the room and draw up a layout plan for the placement of cabinets. Study the size of the cabinets offered at the sale site, add these measurement details to the plan.
  • Select a few favorite color choices and order sample doors for a hands-on inspection of the product. Set them up in the new kitchen area to view the look in the room. This may seem time consuming, but it is a must when choosing color and style. These cabinets will be a 20 year commitment for many homeowners.

Tip Two -- Budget

  • Set a budget for the amount of money needed to purchase the cabinets for the kitchen.
  • RTA cabinets are priced for the units and doors only. Countertops and decorative trim are extra expenses for the kitchen project.

Tip Three -- Design Service

  • Check to see if a design service is offered at the sales site. Wholesalers and businesses that sell online kitchen cabinets may include free consultations with designers who will answer consumer questions.
  • Work with a designer who will guide the buyer. An experienced designer can point out the best set up, specific cabinets, and styles to achieve the look and function to best suit the needs of the homeowner.

Tip Four -- The Look

  • Study the types of cabinets, free door samples and the design set-up for the kitchen.
  • Select the door styles and color for the final decision for the overall appearance of the kitchen.
  • Follow a guideline which details the basic needs for a ten foot by ten foot kitchen set up.

Tip Five -- Final Details

  • Make a preliminary list of the cabinets desired for the kitchen project if the design service has not been utilized.
  • Figure in additional pieces needed for finish work, including toe kick panels and wall panels for the outer walls of the cabinet unit.
  • Write an order on a sheet of paper and double check that all pieces required are on the list. Compare the list to a drawing of the kitchen layout. It’s time to finalize the order.

Planning the set up for a functional, attractive kitchen that reflects the taste and needs of the homeowner takes time. Having a solid plan and detailed layout will make the ordering process much easier for the buyer.

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