Fifty Shades of Black instead of Grey

Black London Escorts can provide you with just about any type of services you prefer. As per portrayed in the famous novel Fifty Shades of Grey some people really enjoy and get turned on by some BDSM action with an intimate partner. The recent movie released on February 13th; one day before Valentine´s Day… Coincidence? I think not. 24 Carat Escorts is one London Escort Agency who can supply you with fifty shades of Black London Escorts… Well not literally but they have one of the best selections of Black Escorts that you will find in in all of London.

So maybe you are wondering about BDSM; what does it mean and what does it stand for? Well it is a little bit controversial but basically it stands for Bondage and Discipline in which couples or partners experiment with tying one another up and being punished, the DS stands for Dominance and Submission where one person is in control with the other person partially or is fully submissive, the SM represents Sadism and Masochism where the parties involved enjoy receiving and giving pain. Now you have a better knowledge of what BDSM stands for and what it is all about. People practice all different levels of it ranging from mild, light, medium and even to extreme levels to enhance their sex life and offer more variety when it comes to spending time with their partners.

24 Carat Escorts has girls that come in all different colors; Fair skinned women, light to dark tan Brazilians and South Americans, medium dark French and other nationalities of girls and dark skinned African and Caribbean mixed race girls. So if you never experienced the company of a soft, smooth and dark skinned girl before 24 Carat Escorts can help you out. They may even have a few girls that can and are willing to provide some very light forms of BDSM and may enjoy giving or receiving mild services such as a little spanking and dirty talk to enhance your pleasure when spending time together. They have many open-minded girls who like to experiment and have fun. Having fun and trying something different is what it is all about when you spend time with Black London Escorts.


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