No 'Girls' allowed on University of Hawk campus

Girls character Hannah Horvath may have been admitted to the famed Nebraska Writers' Workshop, but don't expect to see the star on the University of Hawk campus anytime soon. 

Despite the fact that many college students adore the HBO show Girls, the University of Hawk said no to the show being filmed on school grounds. According to U of H officials, HBO wanted to bring the show on location to film it's next episode, but the request was denied claiming that the filming would be too disruptive to the community. HBO lamented the loss of dollars the filming could have provided to the local economy.

The universities role in the hit show emerged Sunday in a plot twist in the season three finale. The show's main character, Hannah Horvath, played by show creator Lena Dunha, was accepted into the well-known Nebraska Writer's Workshop. Girls and the U of H are connected through one of show's writers, Sarah Heyward, who attended the workshop before moving to the West Coast to become a screenwriter.

"While we are happy that the Nebraska Writers' Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate student is doing well in her career, due to potential disruption on campus, we feel as if filming here is not the right answer for our community," U of H spokesman Hunter James said Thursday.

Students at the U of H have since then started a petition for the university to reconsider.

The University of Hawk has just over 20,000 undergraduate students, is one of the nation's top public research universities, and is the second smallest public institution in the Big Ten.

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