Umugenzi, The Revolutionary Social Network

ONTARIO, June 3rd 2014 -  Social networking finds place in the everyday lives of people. It has become an integral part of people from all walks of life. While there are many networking platforms that are available on the internet today, none come close to what Umugenzi has to offer. This new addition to the social networking world is truly a game changer when it comes to seamless communication. This is one place where anyone can interact, share, inspire, create and do a lot more.

Other networking websites restrict their use to a certain kind of audience. With Umugenzi, the possibilities are endless. The website can be used by individuals to get in touch with family, friends, share their photos/videos in essence to stay connected. For organizations and businesses this platform offers a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience, introduce new products, create buzz and spread the word. The website offers a special application that allows for Search Engine Optimization, blogging, back link building, etc.

“As everything happens on platform, it is very easy, convenient and efficient to maintain contacts and expand networks for both people and businesses;” said the Founder of Umugenzi, Mr. John-Clinton Nsengiyumva.

Umugenzi is what the networking world was waiting for! Online Social Sharing had never been Easier! At, people can now share unlimited videos, photos, music, news blogs, classifieds, and reach a huge audience of people visiting the web site on daily basis. When it comes to updates and public notices sharing, Umugenzi Group Pages offer the best way to real millions on people on the web.

About Umugenzi:

Based in Toronto, Ontario and founded in December 2013, Umugenzi is a social network that brings people together from all over the globe and offers them unlimited possibilities to share, discover and interact in real freedom. The website has universal uses that allow for instant benefits and connections. To know more about this website and to become a member, log onto

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