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United State, 12th July 2014 - If you are looking for assured best quality luxuries and top of the line services while flying with your family, friends, clients and executives – you can always consider fractional aircraft ownership as a wonderful choice. When it comes to flying with freedom there is nothing that can beat that can beat what you can get from the fractional jet rental companies like Nicholas Air. Being one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the industry, Nicholas Air brings in a range of jet aircraft for sale as well as a range of comprehensive aircraft rental, management and maintenance service ensuring extremely comfortable and luxurious travel experience for their clients.

Whether you are looking for purchasing flying hours or jet cards or outright fractional aircraft ownership of any percentage Nicholas Air is the name that is trusted as one of the top-end service provider in the USA. They not only have the largest fleet of perfectly maintained luxurious aircrafts at their disposal but they will also be assuredly providing you individually customized travel plans for your exact requirements. Catering to your every travel requirements extravagantly and luxuriously Nicholas Air can also help you in completely avoiding the hassles and inconveniences traditionally associated with the commercial airline services and busy international airports. Now with fractional jet ownership and rental services offered by Nicholas you can fly between any two airports without ever being restricted by any fixed flight path or flight schedule always maintained by the commercial service providers.

With Nicholas Air individuals as well as business organizations can now benefit from fractional jet rental and jet ownership without any kind of capital investment or residual risk and the clients can also enjoy bulk hourly rates on more than 90 hours of travel hour a year. Jet cards and flying hours are also available against simple monthly payment schemes on different sizes of aircrafts available for lease. No matter what are your requirements you will always find flexibly and customizable programs available with Nicholas Air and for any information on the programs and also available aircrafts – you can visit Nicholas Air website at

About The Company

With sixteen years of accident free operations, Nicholas Air was founded on principles of expertise, safety, precision, and service. As a premier provider of private air travel, this private jet aircraft company has set out to provide the most economical and “fair priced” programs for a world focused on an unstable economy. Through the use of modern day aircraft and logistics, Nicholas Air is able to provide safe, efficient, and reliable programs at very cost effective rates.

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