Smart Tweezers ST-5S and LCR-Reader Make Their Way to Distributors Worldwide

The newest models of the popular device for testing Surface Mount Technology, Smart Tweezers ST-5S and the LCR-Reader have been sent to distributors such as AdvanceTech (India), KaiserTech (UK), Sanata Ltd. (Russia) and VanDevice (Japan).

Nearly a decade ago, Siborg Systems Inc. design Smart Tweezers to provide a simpler solution for testing and troubleshooting Surface Mount Technology, the leading method for manufacturing electronics. The components used in SMT are generally very small and may or may not have wire leads or other making them hard to distinguish from one another. This makes losing track of the components and their values very easy. Smart Tweezers is a simple solution to this issue. When in contact with a component, Smart Tweezers will automatically determine the type of component and selects the best test range and signal frequency for highest accuracy measurements of Inductance, Resistance, Capacitance as well as secondary values such as the ESR and Z values. With no set-up required, Smart Tweezers can save time while evaluating. The comfortable one-handed-use design allows the users to conveniently hold and operate the device with one hand while using the other for taking notes or other tasks.

The newest model of Smart Tweezers, the ST-5S combines the performance and features found on the ST-5 model, but with the slimmer design of the LCR-Reader. This model is to replace the ST-5 and act as a bridge model between the LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers. Features found on the ST-5 include:

-Fully automatic L, C, R and ESR evaluations
-Basic accuracy of 0.2%
-Component sorting with variable tolerances
-Adjustable test signals
-Continuity and diode testing
-Parasitic offset subtraction feature

The new design of the ST-5S compared to the ST-5 are aesthetic, with the ST-5S having a 1 oz. weight and bright OLED display instead of the LCD in the older models. A new joystick like navigation allows users to easily select modes and test signals without needing to go through the menus.

Siborg’s LCR-Reader was designed to offer a device like Smart Tweezers to a non-professional market who want a highly accurate, handheld device but without the high price of Smart Tweezers. The LCR-Reader has a 1 oz. weight and a basic accuracy of 1% (which is less than the ST-5S but the same as ST-2 and ST-3 models), but lacks some of the features found on ST devices, including; component sorting, parasitic offset subtraction, and diode/continuity/open circuit testing. This device also does not have variable test signals, instead just a 0.5 Vrms signal frequency. Without these feature, Siborg was able to price the device under $200 making it more accessible for hobbyists and other non-professionals. Features on the LCR-Reader include:

-Automatic L, C, R and ESR measurements
-Basic accuracy of 1%
-Best range selection
-1 oz. weight

Both devices are powered by Li-Ion battery and are rechargeable via micro-USB, and each has a 4 wire flex cable that runs from the gold-plated tips to the PCB covered by insulated handles for high accuracy. Smart Tweezers have become easily recognizable for their unique design and high accuracy measurements. They are currently used in many major high-tech companies worldwide and offer better accuracy and more features than other similar devices that are available. Visit the Smart Tweezers Blog for all the latest news about Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader.

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