WeddingPastry Now Bakes an Amazing Donkey Kong Cake

Donkey Kong Displayed on a Wedding Cake Is entirely Playable. Also amazing for those who are the diehard fans of this Game, WeddingPastry is heaven for them.


We know while you’re in the middle of function of  your new marriage to your important additional, the final thing that should be on your brain is how you can get a quick game of Donkey Kong in during the Wedding  celebration. Well, WeddinPastry has come up with a way for you to be able to participate Donkey Kong on your wedding cakes as they use a three-Dimensional mapped projector to show the amusement on the cake. Getting a video-game themed wedding cake is fine and all, but we can’t support but imagine having a video game projected onto a wedding cake easily trumps those themed cakes. As you can see on Weddingpastry website, Donkey Kong is entirely funky on the wedding cake as well as some other titles game inventor has made available for participate on the wedding cake. Dig Dug and snow Climbers appear pretty good on the cake, though PAC-MAN doesn’t appear to have fun that great. Sonic the Hedgehog appears even worse, so we just suggested you stick to having a playable edition of Donkey Kong playing on your wedding cake. We hope the cake flavors as first-class as some of the games glance appears on it as it’d be a letdown of the bride and groom went with a plain vanilla cake for this video-game stunning success. They provide many other variety of cakes for your weddings that you can get amused with so much flavor full and play full characters .From a long list of themes you can select the cake of your choice.   


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