Flash Drive Pros LLC Offers 14 Days Free Trail on Flash Drive Backup App

Flash Drive Pros LLC, leaders in flash drive recovery services, has launched its Flash Drive Backup App, FDP Sync. The software protects flash drive files through automatic synchronizing. The back-up software is available for 14 days free trial and can be downloaded from the company’s website. After 14 days use if customers like using FDP Sync and wish to continue using it, they can purchase the full version online. The complete version is available at $29.00 and customers can place the order online.

Explaining about the uses of Flash Drive Backup App, the official spokesperson of Flash Drive Pros LLC said, “FDP Sync functions automatically in the background without interrupting the ongoing work. It synchronizes everything stored on the flash drive while generating backup on the PC. This way users can protect their files from damage or loss. It’s fast, simple and affordable recovery solution. Back-up files can be stored easily and hassle-free.”

Flash Drive Backup App is a complete solution which offers protection and peace of mind to the user. With a simple click of a button user’s files are protected. It’s also one of the most portable solutions in the market and doesn’t come with any complicated software to install.

With a simple mission to provide protection to user’s data at a fair price, Flash Drive Pros brings new products and services. Backed by a team of professional engineers with expertise in NAND technology, the company has been able to deliver exceptional services to its customers.

To this the official spokesperson added, “Flash Drive Pros, being a global leader in solid state data recovery services, understands that students, professionals and everyone need data protection solutions in their day-to-day lives. Damage and loss are the most common human errors which can’t be avoided. Therefore, we provide solutions and services that’ll always help you in your professional and personal work.”

Flash Drive Pros is known for its remarkable success rate of 94%, best prices in the industry and turn-around times. Learn more about Flash Drive Backup App, visit @

About Flash Drive Pros LLC

Founded in 2009, Flash Drive Pros LLC, began as a local data recovery company in Seattle. The company has now grown into a global enterprise with data recovery labs in Europe and Asia. It has acquired accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has recovered millions of flash drives for individuals and organizations.

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