MCJ Senior Center Requests Honor for Rosie the Riveters from White House

Senior Center that Works for the Betterment of the Elderly

MARIN CITY, CALIFORNIA – March 28th, 2014 – Marguerita C. Johnson Senior Center provides services and support for the elderly in Marin City. The center has all amenities such as transportation, computer lab, exercise and recreation and many others activities. The senior center coordinates a variety of events for the senior members of the Community.

More importantly, the Marguerita C. Johnson Senior Center is proud to have 3 African American Rosie the Riveters who have worked as welders during the World War II and extended their services in honor of the country. These ideal woman were some of the most patriotic, loyal and efficient female employees in the toughest times that the US has ever faced.

These Rossie the Riveters deserve the right honor and recognition from the Government of the United States of America for the services that they have rendered in the past. However, so far they have never been invited to meet the Vice President at the White House. It would have been a kind gesture on part of the White House if Marin City’s surviving Rosie the Riveters were extended the same invitation as a another group of Rosies recently received. They would have gladly accepted the invitation. It would have been an overwhelming experience and a proud moment for these women who are in their early 90s only if they could meet the first African American President and receive the honor they deserve.

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Marguerita C. Johnson Senior Center, based at Marin City, California opened on August 28, 1988 is a home for the seniors. The center’s mission is to provide a broad range of individual and group activities and services designed to respond to the needs and interests of the elderly.

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