Cheap electronic cigarette price in Canada

Quit smoking, it is always the first choice of Canadians' commitment in new years. Each year into the New Year, many people are determined to put an end to "abuse", smoking is a habit of them.

For some people, the electronic cigarette can be a tool to help quit smoking.

In recent years, with more and more powerful anti-tobacco movement, Sales of electronic cigarettes in the rapid rise, the number of smoking electronic cigarette has exponentially grown, electronic cigarette has become a huge industry in the world.


Electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device, which design looks like ordinary cigarettes, its using methods is same with ordinary cigarette. In general, the electronic cigarette has a locket, which can fill the nicotine, you can also fill other chemicals with a different flavor, such as mango, chocolate flavors and watermelon flavors, etc. Smoke produced by electronic vaporization can be sucked directly into the lungs.

Lack of research on electronic cigarettes

Currently, the study of the electronic cigarette is very limited, lack of systematic clinical research data, and regulatory ordinance is not perfect.

Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Health scientist Bruce Lanphear said, hoping to be able to compare how many would electronic cigarettes safe than traditional cigarettes. He said that, for example, is a pistol safer than an AK -47 rifle? Yes, the electronic cigarette is safer than traditional cigarettes, but to what extent it is more secure.

New York City of the United States has announced that smoking is prohibited in all areas also prohibit smoking electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette supporters David Sweanor said, banned the electronic cigarette does not solve the problem, you can’t help smokers to quit smoking.

Sweanor said it was foolish, according to current trends, in the next 25 years, there are one million Canadians will die from smoking-caused disease. He believes that compared with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are the better choice.

Canada banned the sale of electronic cigarettes with nicotine

So far, electronic cigarettes have not been approved by Health Canada, Last December, a shop to sell electronic cigarette with nicotine in Nova Scotia, at result the Ministry of Health banned the sale of its. It claimed that sales of electronic cigarettes do not meet the Canadian Food and Drug law, the electronic cigarette may cause "nicotine poisoning and addiction."

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