Enjoy Michael Jackson’s: One Show at Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil, Mandalay Bay is the permanent residence for the spectacular Michael Jackson’s: One Show. This show probably gives the best tribute to the king of pop. It is the best conceptualize and performed show in the United States. This show brings alive the memory of the world’s best pop sensation and it gives chance to see the live performance on his greatest hits. This show is one of the best productions of the Cirque du Soleil and is the most popular in Las Vegas. “One” is more vibrant and theatrical when compared to his original Immortal World Tour.

Cirque du Soleil is the Canadian production company that organizes various world class events and shows, especially in Las Vegas. Its acrobatics, costumes and unique style of set design is the trademark of the performers of the Cirque du Soleil. The performers are highly trained and professionally very sound when it comes to giving immaculate live performances. The music and the performances from the members are just awesome and spell bounding. All the greatest hits of MJ like, “Thriller”, “Billie Jean”, and “Smooth Criminal” will be performed exclusively in this show.

MJ is the most famous personality and so are this dance moves and his music. This show gives opportunity for the new generation to see artists performing his signature moves and his dance style. And off course his famous moonwalk will be shown several times. There are so many places and events to attend when you are in Las Vegas. You can try the exotic penthouses Las Vegas if you want to live like a king. Trust me they are the best and the most comfortable and intriguing places to live in. These penthouses are really awesome and very incredible. There are various villas available at the same rate if you are interested.

 The One show is regular and you just cannot afford to miss it. The special effects and the stupendous performances are a visual treat to watch.  The crew member of the “One” show is associated with original members of the “This is It” members. That is the reason why the dance moves looks so much original with a little twist. And with the diehard fans cheering the performances of the artist the show is a super hit. There are various suites Las Vegas where you can stay and relax after roaming around. Many hotels offer different suites according to their décor and the lavish interiors. Apart from the concert there are various adventures to do in Vegas. The exotic car rental Vegas services offered by the hotels and online concierge portals are also amusing. You can also try the chopper rental services as they are the most exciting and high tech vehicles.

Just visit the show and experience the live music and the electrifying energy from the performances. The ambience and the arena are just spectacular and this is a perfect for any music concert. Watching this show will make you emotional if you are a true MJ fan.