J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. is Your Team of Property Restoration Experts

There are a lot of remodeling businesses in the industry that also cater to other services such as fire and water damage restoration in Sacramento. There are numerous companies to choose from. So how should you pick the right construction company for you? Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when looking for the right construction company for your home renovation and restoration needs. 

The construction company should be able to provide solutions to your needs, inform you on what needs repair, and what processes need to be done, and they should give you a reasonable price. 

The construction builder should have ample experience.

Check for reviews if the past clients were satisfied and had no problem at all. If there were problems, what did the company do to solve it?

Verify if the builder has a license. 

Is there a design fit? Does the builder have expertise on the design your home has?

Ask for warranty of service.

Did the construction company improve on the resale value of its previous projects?

These are some of the factors you need to consider when searching for a business that will cater to your fire or water damage restoration in Sacramento. Nonetheless, you don’t have to search any further because you have found the right company – J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. They are one of the leading construction companies in the industry because of their vast experience and expertise. They have been the most sought out construction company in the area because of their dedication and their professionalism. They started as a small construction business in 1991 and, ever since, then they have been growing. Their work experience of 24 years is their platform for greatness. They have worked on almost every possible home repair or restoration requirement you can imagine.

They also offer Sacramento fire damage repair for those homes which were affected by fire. They have been the go-to-guys of the people in Sacramento when they need home restoration or renovation services. Be it a fire or water damage, smoke damage or even a whole house remodeling, they can efficiently handle these needs. They are one of the businesses with a full service general contractor who is available all the time. They also use high quality materials to partner their professional work to ensure that it lasts for a very long time. In addition, they have the knowledge of the products or materials that can be used to make sure that you stay within your budget without compromising quality. 

They are willing to work around hurdles just to be able to attain your needs and make sure that they leave you happy. With their 24 years of experience, they have the ability to interpret your property’s age, architecture, style, market value, resale concerns, and design trends to provide you the most value for your money. Lastly, they are the construction company that makes sure that no debris is left in your home after the job. Safety and cleanliness are two of the things that they prioritize. Their jobsites are always kept clean which helps minimize accidents. 

With J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. your home is in good hands. With their professional crew and reliable service, you are assured that your home is going to be the best in the neighborhood after the remodeling is done. Aside from their Sacramento fire damage repair service, they also offer these following services:

Bathroom Remodeling – Since they stated in 1991, they have been performing bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA. Their professional technicians will make sure that everything you need will be achieved. They do bathtub replacement, modifications, shower pans, wall systems, bath tub to shower conversions, walk-in bathtubs and, of course, full bathroom remodeling wherein they replace tiles, water pipes, sinks, countertops, paintings and more. 

Kitchen Remodeling – One of the things that they can remodel is the kitchen.  They can install or replace kitchen cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, lighting and countertops, and renovate or re-design the kitchen for more space and aesthetic purposes.

Window Replacement – You windows can be used to lower electricity bills by taking advantage of natural lighting. They can repair and install windows, and make sure that these are also sealed to avoid warm air or cool air from escaping during winter and summer, respectively.

Aside from water and fire damage restoration in Sacramento, J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. also offers several other construction services. For more details on what they are capable of, you can visit their website at, or give them a call at 916-846-0623 or 916-722-0623