Irvine Chiropractic Dr. Cloonan Shares How a Head Stretch Creates Brain and Body Balance

What does the band, Chicago and PGA pro golfers have in common?  The long lasting benefits of a unique head stretch.


Dr. John Cloonan shares his insights and experiences on this head stretch therapy called Biocranial Technique in a Google Hangout interview just released.  You can watch the interview at


Dr. Cloonan states, “What makes this therapy so unique is the fact that the twenty-three bones in the skull are the focus of this safe and gentle adjustment method that helps the primary part of the nervous system, namely, the brain. Releasing the cranial bones of their tightness and distortions rids people of sickness or disease and creates optimal balance of the nervous system and wellness throughout the body.  It is a very holistic approach to achieving greater physical and mental health and vitality.”


In the video interview Dr. Cloonan reveals that his patient success rate has risen from 80-percent before his use of biocrainal therapy to a 95-percent success rate after adding this special therapy to his chiropractic “toolbelt.”


“Biocranial treatment takes only minutes to implement and tends to be long lasting.  You ‘consciously’ won’t feel any difference, but your body will now respond to a higher level of balance not experienced before.  Other balance therapies required hours of muscle memory education.  When these therapies are stopped, the body starts a slow but steady decline in muscle memory, but this is not the case with Biocranial therapy,” explained Dr. Cloonan.


One heartwarming story in the interview is shared by Dr. Cloonan of a patient that cracked her hip in such a way from a fall that medical doctors and physical therapists said she would never walk again or if she did, it would only be by use of a cane.  You will love how this story ends by means of the Biocranial therapy this woman received from Dr Cloonan.


Why are band members of Chicago hooked on biocranial therapy?

Chicago band manager Robert Dannic said, “The main difference I see is the degree of vitality and absence of sickness to all (band members and crew) who use the Bio Cranial technique.”


Why do golfers think they have discovered a secret weapon to improve their game with biocranial therapy?

Says Allen Briggs, PGA golf pro, “In 2001 I was experiencing problems with vertigo which was affecting my game.  After a series of Bio Cranial procedures I felt more centered, grounded, and balanced.  In fact, I shot the course record at Goose Creek Golf Club during a Southern California PGA Section Tournament.”


Club designer, Mario Cesario stated, “Prior to my Bio Cranial treatment I checked my clubhead speed at 83 mpg average.  After the first treatment I noticed a better sense of balance.  After the third treatment I then checked my clubhead speed again and noticed an increase of 4-5 mpg (88 mpg average).”


Watch what patients of Dr. Cloonan have to say about the benefits enjoyed from this unique and effective therapy at


Dr. Cloonan has been in chiropractic practice since 1982.  He is one of the few chiropractors in California that is qualified in this advanced method of treatment.  Over one hundred doctors from different healing arts in the United States use this revolutionary technique. He began training in the newest osteopathic alternative health care method called The Bio Cranial System in 2006. Since Dr. Cloonan began this technique, he has seen superior improvements in structure and function of the brain and nervous system compared to traditional chiropractic methods.