The 1st Regulated Bitcoin (Crypto) Exchange To Be Launched For Fx Brokers


Bitcoin, the virtual currency which is becoming stronger by the day is pushing to break into the mainstream currency markets. While facing a number of issues to confront before it does, a new entity will provide the crypto currency with a regulated and compliant product.

Ibinex is a new technology platform that is working with an independent dispute resolution organization, to create a new framework for the creation and regulation of crypto currency exchange. The Ibinex exchange will strictly cater to the FX brokers in the world of Forex.

Ibinex’s infrastructure includes an aggregation tool that creates the most optimal liquidity solution for trading, but most importantly includes a direct connection to the Metatrader server API, offering FX brokers a seamless integration to the Ibinex pool. Ibinex has regulated bank accounts and will provide compliant fiduciary services to its customers; all of which will only be FX brokers or service providers. For more information please visit