The Conference in Peru united the people of Latin America!

Peru is a country with one of the most ancient culture in the world. It is located in the central part of South America, just at the Pacific Ocean. This is a very interesting country, there are numerous monuments of pre-European period, it is home of many ancient civilizations.

This amazing country, and more specifically its capital, Lima, warmly welcomed the guests of the Emgoldex conference all over the Latin American The conference brought together people from many countries! Paraguay, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile ...

The guests of the conference were provided with professional presentations about the company, its goals and perspectives, the Emgoldex online store. In addition, there was also a short training with information about new tools of the company, as well as the most useful use of the old ones. The leaders shared their stories of success, and on the first day of the conference there was a great Gala Dinner.

Such conferences help to gain new knowledge, give a strong motivation to start to apply it. They allow the customers to expand the horizons and increase erudition. Moreover, such events give the opportunity to understand better the work system of Emgoldex, and most importantly, to believe in your own forces .

This time, the conference brought together an incredible amount of people, and bound all of Latin America!

About what happened at the conference, Click the following link for more details of the conference: