User Friendly AIFF to AMR Converter

For all those who are looking for a fast and efficient converter that provides quality output can use the AIFF to AMR converter which supports various audio and video files.

AIFF to AMR converter is an easy to download and install application that allows users to convert files from one format to another quickly in a few simple steps without compromising on the quality of the output. The software application has a simple to use interface that has very few features which can be used by anyone conveniently irrespective of their technological expertise. This tool is compatible with various versions of Windows and allows conversion with simple drag and drop function. All one has to do it select the files to be converted and choose the convert option. Batch conversion allows multiple files to be converted thus saving time.

The application also comes with a progression bar that enables users to keep a check on the status of conversion. It also has a display box that shows the files. The application converts files really quickly and with great output quality with the ability to play the converted files once the process is completed.

About AIFF to AMR converter

AIFF to AMR converter is an efficient, fast and easy to use converter that is apt for anybody looking for file conversion irrespective of their experience with computers or software. The converted files are of great quality and batch processing saves time for users. The conversion can be completed in few simple steps while users can check the conversion status and files on the display box. The tool supports various audio and video files and is compatible with different versions of Windows. The application can be downloaded and installed easily by anyone free of cost.

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