Advantages and Disadvantages of Polarized Sunglasses

The advantages:

When shining on the surface of sand, water, snow or ground, the light may be reflected and become glare which will cause the eye fatigue and discomfort. The polarized angle and radian of the lens are designed on the basis of accurate optical principles. And polarized sunglasses can arrange and filter these irregular lights effectively and make them become lights shining in one direction. And in this way, the image around the wearer appears to be soft and not too harsh.

The disadvantages:

In most cases, polarized sunglasses benefit the wearers. However, under specific circumstances, the polarized sunglasses are not suitable to wear.

When skiing on a mountain, one should take off the polarized sunglasses for the sunglasses can eliminate the glare reflecting from the snow on the edge of cliff. And the glare can inform the skier of the danger; if eliminated, the consequence can be really tragic. Besides, when wearing polarized sunglasses, the wearer may fail to see the image clearly on the LCD, such as cellphone screen, the dashboard of an automobile or airplane. In the occasion that need one to make decisions quickly, polarized sunglasses should be avoided.