e-Waste Disposal Service from POSDATA

POSDATA, one of the leading providers when it comes to simplifying an enterprise payment system in Washington, offers e-Waste disposal services. This service helps business to get rid of POS equipment that are no longer functioning.

[WASHINGTON, 01/06/2014]—POSDATA, one of the leading solutions providers in Washington when it comes to streamlining payment systems, offers e-Waste disposal services. This particular service is the company’s response to a business’ need to properly dispose point of sale (POS) equipment that are no longer working.

The Process

POSDATA believes that the disposal of POS equipment is not a trivial matter, and that it should be taken with great consideration. The company believes that the equipment’s disposal is just as important as their first deployment. With this, POSDATA offers an e-Waste disposal service that is secure and compliant to necessary regulatory requisites.

The company works with the client to come up with an inventory, in which the sets of equipment are listed and categorized according to model and serial numbers. POSDATA then works with disposal partners to choose the method that suits the client’s disposal specifications. The company will either accept deliveries from the client or they will come to the client’s location to pick up the equipment.

The company provides clients with an assurance that all the terminal devices on their inventory are received. Once POSDATA receives the equipment, they will disassemble them and destroy all the critical parts. They will disable the applications used, customer information, and the keys.  Certain parts, which may include any hazardous components, will undergo recycling. As the process ends, the client will receive a certificate and a report that indicates all items are properly disposed of.


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