Properties and Types of Dunnage Bags

The Dunnage bags which are also commonly referred to as air cushions, inflatable bags, or even air bags are conventionally used for stabilizing and the securing of cargo. These types of bags were first introduced in the later periods of the twentieth century and since then, they have been responsible for expedient and very cost effective stabilization of shipment especially in ISO sea vessels, enclosed railcars, or rather train carriages, transit trucks, and maritime containers.

The dunnage bags have heightened the security of cargo and therefore boosted road safety in the case of transit vehicles. They consist of compartments that are made using a pliable membrane that is filled with air. Upon rest, the stationary load produced as a result of the weight of the contents of the package is the only load that is tolerated by the cushioning. The cushion compression offers a further advantage of absorption of dynamic loads that might occur.

The magnitude of the air that is inflated to the dunnage bags can also be given variation in accordance to the specific conditions and properties of the contents of the particular consignment. These bags are commercially offered in a wide range of designs and sizes depending on the requirements needed. For instance, they can be made in forms of typical corner cushions, edge, and cylindrical cushions and even spherical designs.

There are a variety of types of dunnage bags:

  • These include the polypropylene bags that are laminated with plastic. These are made of paper in the exterior part and the interior is interwoven with a film of propylene that provides excellent resistance to rupture and humidity. There are also intertwined propylene bags that are very suitable for tremendously heavy merchandise since they are exceptionally resilient and very durable. These can also be applied in both damp and dry conditions.
  • The other type of dunnage bags is also quite common, and they are the paper dunnage bags which are also known as Kraft. They are made of two precise components, an interior component which comprises of an inner polyethylene bag and an exterior paper bag. The exterior bag is composed of the ultimate quality, feather weight Kraft sheet of paper that is of high tensile strength. These types come in a wide range of strengths and diversity and they can even be made in any distinct size if required. The interior component offers optimum pressure whereas the exterior component offers optimum strength. This particular type is also available in a poly-coated interior film that has the ability to resist a number of chemicals and it is very convenient for the chemical industry.

The dunnage bags, as clearly illustrated, are a remarkable invention that has simplified the day to day human life. Its uses are very important as they help in the safe and completely secure transportation of merchandise over very long and even short distances. It is a unique product that is unmatchable in the service it provides with utter efficiency and contentment of those that have been able to use it.