Is a Ceramic Crown and Bridge Right for You?

Everyone loses teeth during their life. While most people only lose those teeth that aren’t important anyway, some lose their adult teeth and are left with a hole. Of course, no one wants a hole in their mouth where a tooth once was. By making a visit with a family dentist at Westland Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, you can get an idea of what the best solution is for your particular situation. Depending on where the missing tooth is and what the surrounding teeth look like, a ceramic crown and bridge might be just the answer to your problem.

What Exactly Does the Bridge Do for You?

Whenever a tooth is missing from its usual spot in your mouth, the surrounding teeth can end up shifting position in an attempt to fill in the gap. Teeth that were once fine are going to end up misaligned because the support isn’t there any longer. When you have the family dentist in Westland, Michigan put the ceramic crown and bridge in place, it helps to keep all of your teeth right where they should be. It works like a spacer to act like the other tooth never left. Dental implants are also an option instead of bridges.

How Do They Work?

With a ceramic crown and bridge, the dentist will affix this partial to the two surrounding teeth where the hole is at. Since it is cemented down, you don’t have to worry about the appliance coming out or causing problems when you go to eat. It works to keep all of your teeth right where they should be, without having to worry about an empty space being in your mouth. While the bridge won’t fill in the hole, it will provide you with something that maintains the space and allows you to eat and do all of the things that you have always done. Find out more about this option from the dentist near you.