Cost Savings at the Core of Major Growth in the Global Hosted Virtual Desktop Market

Cost Savings at the Core of Major Growth in the Global Hosted Virtual Desktop Market is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. It shows that the Global Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Market is posting an impressive CAGR of 63.70 percent from 2013-2018.

An HVD is a computing model where the end-user system is separated from the physical infrastructure and accessed virtually through a client-server model. This computing model uses centralized storage space, with access gained remotely over the internet by using login credentials. Major cost savings by enterprises adopting HVD solutions are the core factors driving this growth..

Desktop Virtualization Can Reduce Application Delivery and Infrastructure Management Costs

As enterprise infrastructure increases in complexity, developing and supporting applications on end-user systems also becomes more difficult. Desktop virtualization solutions help reduce this cost, since the computing applications are hosted centrally at the server-end and the services are provided to end-user systems on demand. The adoption of hosted virtual desktop solutions also enables platform-independent computing.

“Companies around the world are looking for efficient and easy network management solutions. Through the adoption of hosted virtual desktop solutions, a company can centralize the allocation and management of enterprise computing infrastructure,” .

End-users are provided with access to applications and data from a centralized server, which has all the systems connected to it over the network. By using this virtualized solution, companies can increase the productivity of network infrastructure by virtualizing the computing infrastructure.

“Using a hosted virtual desktop solutions can allow organizations to reduce operational costs and increase profit margins, which will be a major factor in market growth over the projected period,” .

Key Market Vendors Include:

Citrix Systems Inc.

Microsoft Corp.
Oracle Corp.
VMware Inc.

The report also delves into trends and challenges that could impact market growth over the projected period.

To determine the scenario for these vendors in the next 3-4 years, The analysts have conducted in-depth analysis of the impact of market drivers, challenges and trends featuring data on product segmentations, vendor shares, growth rate by revenue and an evaluation of the different buying criteria in the order of importance. 

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