SPUD introduces the latest evolution of the grocery shopping experience with Be Fresh and SPUD bike delivery service

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 16, 2015 – As part of its commitment to being the lowest impact grocery store in North America, SPUD (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) has launched Be Fresh and bike delivery service. The new stores and services supports SPUD’s mandate for environmental sustainability and offering consumers a unique and seamless shopping experience.

The first brick and mortar locations from SPUD, Vancouver's premiere organic home grocery delivery service, Be Fresh Market Cafés specialize in organic, local, small-batch goods. Close relationships with BC farmers mean the produce at Be Fresh Market Café is reminiscent of the fruits and vegetables found at the Vancouver Farmers Markets. At Be Fresh Cafés, guests can grab delicious and nutritious Be Fresh meals-to-go, fresh baking and coffee made with East Vancouver’s A.G.R.O Roasters beans.

Working in conjunction with Be Fresh, SPUD's new environmentally sensible bike program means shoppers nearby a Be Fresh Market Café can get people powered, zero impact, grocery delivery for free. The Be Fresh bikes carry groceries in an environmentally friendly way that serves the needs of a busy community.

Whether shoppers take their groceries home or have it delivered by SPUD bike or truck right to their doorstep, shoppers have a wide range of delivery options including pick up at the Be Fresh Market Café using Be Fresh’s Click & Collect program. While the Be Fresh Market Café is small in size compared to most traditional grocery stores, Be Fresh leverages SPUD’s warehouse and distribution centre offering a diverse range products from organic milk and bread to ice cream, toilet paper, and laundry detergent.

“Twenty years ago, the Big Box retail concept entered Canada. Times have changed and we believe that local community-based shopping is what people are looking for,” says Peter van Stolk, CEO of SPUD. “Be Fresh provides the balance for the conscious consumer wanting local organic products, minimal environmental impact, as well as a great vibe. Using a creative combination of technology and logistics we have created a unique experience that doesn't steal from our children.”

At its heart, Be Fresh is about building and supporting the local community. Conveniently located in community hubs, everything in the store is sourced locally. Be Fresh was created to be a place where the community can shop, gather and connect and feel at home.

About Be Fresh

Be Fresh specializes in organic, local, small-batch goods sold alongside convenient and nutritious Be Fresh meals-to-go, fresh baking and coffee, tea and more. Be Fresh makes healthy eating delicious and stress-free, with four locations in Vancouver and Calgary. For more information, visit

About SPUD

Founded in 1997 in Vancouver, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery Inc. (SPUD) has expanded into the largest online grocery company in Western Canada serving Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton. SPUD employs over 300 people across all markets and delivered fresh, local, organic produce and groceries to over 100,000 households last year. Committed to creating healthier communities, one choice at a time, SPUD’s goal is to use its connection to local and organic food to help improve the places where we live and work. For more information, visit


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