Survive tough situations with military hand-to-hand combat training

A complete online training system makes ones self-reliant to face the real world dangers

Rancho Santa Margarita Ca-16th June 2014: in the current day scenario, it is mandatory to learn combating techniques so as to protect one’s own self and family members. For more details about military hand-to-hand combat techniques, logon to

In recent past times many of us might have come across horrifying situations in the real world setup. By learning survival combat training, one can protect himself and family members without anyone’s assistance. The advanced martial art and military techniques are developed by two eminent fitness personalities who have reached pinnacles in their respective fields.

According to fitness guru Dr. John Spencer Ellis “If you want to be both physically and mentally strong by using the most effective techniques out there, Survival Combat Fitness is for you”. The advanced hand-to-hand training is designed to give individuals a significant strategic advantage in the face of real danger. It offers step-by-step instruction on how to make your body move and feel like a soldier fresh out of  boot camp, with advanced fighting techniques previously taught to the FBI, CIA, Navy Seals, SWAT and other high level officials.

Dr. Ellis adds that it’s not a sport or some sort of fitness activity. It is about getting out alive by training hard, training smart and being ready. Illustrative videos are captured with multiple cameras from various angles to provide better clarity and understanding.

About Survival Combat Fitness

This is an advanced fitness training meant to protect individuals from real world dangers. It is developed by Yuri Boiarsky, a trained SWAT, Israeli Defense Force, US Special force and Dr. John Spencer Ellis, fitness guru.

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