Web hosting provider Hill Host announces an upgrade to all of its Linux based VPS plans.

Hill Host has announced an upgrade of its Linux based VPS plans. With the upgrade the Hill Host clients now enjoy a major memory and disk space increase of up to a hundred per cent on all Linux VPS plans provided with no extra charge. Also new features as SSD disks and additional SWAP memory and new free control panel have been added in the package.
Hill Host assures it customer that it will continue to offer superior products with a 99.9% uptime guarantee .The   plans are monitored by the system administrators and reliable third party companies. “Customers can rest assured that their website is safe in the hands of professional hands regardless of whether it is day or night,” said the company’s senior systems administrator.

Linux VPS plan comes with popular and powerful control panel. The plan has an option for Cpanel licensing to those customers who would like to benefits from the systems advanced automation features as well as super intuitive interface. The interface is easy to use even for those who may not be well conversant with the technology involved in its design.

Linux VPS plan is known for its stability, innovation and performance, it is a web hosting that not only gives the customer the space they need to conduct their operations but also a peace of mind knowing that their systems are safe and secure at any time of day.

The issue of cost has also been mentioned by the Hill Host marketing team, customer will not be required to make huge budgets to run the system. Linux VPS hosting is known for its budget friendliness where there are no licenses required.

“Those who like to enjoy the management and control of their virtual server will find Linux VPS hosting an awesome control as it allows them to run it just as they deem it fit,” said one of the systems administrators.

Linux VPS plan is also known to get pretty well with any operating system; this means that the users will find it easy to enjoy the platform created by this hosting plan. “Here the users are spoilt for a choice, all they have to do is decide on what best works for them and accommodate any changes that are brought in.

Hill Host assures its customers that the plan comes with a secure backup. The company believes that each business should have a strong back up to ensure that the data is well secured and at the same time help in freeing up some space in their system.

When it comes to support services Hill Host is known to respond to customer issues within the shortest time. Even with the expansion of their business, the firm promises to continue offering the same high quality customers support to ensure that the clients continue to enjoy superior services provided by Hill Host.


About Hill Host

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