NESTA Physique and Figure Training Specialist Certification has best launch ever!

The demand for professional physique and figure training experts across the world is very high. People are nowadays becoming more concerned about their health and fitness thus making them seek the services of training specialists. As a way of meeting this demand and making it possible for more people to be trained by professional instructors, NESTA has committed herself in ensuring that her members are fully certified and recognized internally. The launch of NESTA Physique and Figure Training Specialist Certification was a big and successful event for the organization. The event was mainly aimed at showing to the rest of the world how professional NESTA trains her members and how qualified these members are.

NESTA training programs contain everything that a training specialist needs. The candidates learn the process of fat loss and how different people get varied results even if the same techniques are adopted. There is a lot that happens during weight loss and these are the kind of resources that NESTA Physique and Figure Training Specialist Course offers.

Once the trainees complete the course and receive the certification, they will be free and in a position to offer physique and figure training services to other members. Students can enroll for the course online from wherever they are and they will be supplied with all the necessary learning materials.

NESTA not only trains members within the US but has trainers all over the world. Therefore the physique and figure enthusiasts can join the organization from around the world, be trained, get certified and go ahead and train others. At the end of the course, trainees always ready with the knowledge and professionalism to help others live healthy and fit.

The program teaches the trainees about advanced training and dieting protocols, details on how to establish a profitable fitness training business, various coaching strategies, how to administer behavioral changes, and the general Physique and Figure Training Specialist Model

“This has been my best launch with a partner ever!” – Dr. John Spencer Ellis, President & CEO of NESTA.

“I’m so excited to bring this certification to our field. I wish I had this 27 years ago…” – Emile Jarreau, former candidate of US Navy Seal Teams, a certified fitness professional, writer and author.


NESTA is an internationally recognized organization that offers professional physique and fitness training to fitness enthusiasts. The company has the fitness programs that help their members become some of the best fitness trainers from around the world.

The NESTA faculty and advisors consist of: Dr. John Spencer Ellis, President & CEO; Scott Gaines, MS, Senior Vice president; Chris Mohr, RD, LD, MS, PhD, dietician and exercise physiologist; Mark Teahan, Educational Coordinator; Norma Shechtman, Group Exercise Coordinator; Janet Olsen, ATC, Certified Athletic Trainer; Jack H. Bauerle,
Sports Medicine/ Certified Athletic Trainer; Phil Black, Water Fitness Specialist/Business Advisor; andKelley Peviani, Yoga Instructor. These are the professionals and experienced individuals who are behind the success of NESTA. 

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Contact Name: Emile Jarreau

Address: 115 West 4th Long Beach Ca 90802

Phone:(562) 435-4639