Report on UAE Power Market Outlook to 2030

This report elaborates the UAEs power market structure and provides historical and forecast numbers for generation, capacity and consumption up to 2030. Detailed analysis of the UAE power markets regulatory structure, import and export trends, competitive landscape and power projects at various stages of the supply chain is provided. The report also gives a snapshot of the power sector in the UAE on broad parameters of macroeconomics, supply security, generation infrastructure, transmission infrastructure, degree of competition, regulatory scenario and future potential. Financial performance of the leading power companies is also analyzed in the report.

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  • Snapshot of the countrys power sector across parameters - macro economics, supply security, generation infrastructure, transmission infrastructure, degree of competition, regulatory scenario and future potential of the power sector. 
  • Statistics for installed capacity, power generation and consumption from 2000 to 2013, forecast for the next 17 years to 2030. 
  • Break-up by technology, including thermal, hydro, renewable and nuclear 
  • Data on leading current and upcoming projects. 
  • Information on grid interconnectivity, transmission and distribution infrastructure and power exports and imports. 
  • Policy and regulatory framework governing the market. 
  • Detailed analysis of top market participant, including market share analysis and SWOT analysis. 

Table Of Contents:-

1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 3
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
2.1 GlobalData Report Guidance 9
3 UAE, Power Market, Snapshot 10
3.1 UAE, Power Market, Macro-economic Factors 10
3.2 UAE, Power Market, Supply Security 13
3.3 UAE, Power Market, Generation Infrastructure 14
3.4 UAE, Power Market, Transmission Infrastructure 14
3.5 UAE, Power Market, Opportunities 15
3.6 UAE, Power Market, Challenges 16
4 UAE, Power Market, Market Analysis 17
4.1 UAE, Power Market, Supply Structure 17
4.2 UAE, Power Market, Key Market Players 18
4.3 UAE, Power Market, Financial Deals 19
4.3.1 Deal Volume and Value Analysis, 2004-2013 19
4.3.2 Deals by Type, 2013 21.....

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  • Develop strategies based on the latest regulatory events 
  • Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the industrys growth potential 
  • Identify key partners and business development avenues 
  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of important market participants 
  • Respond to your competitors business structure, strategy and prospects

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